Smith Lake

If you’re looking for a Smith Lake bass guide, look no further! As one of the most experienced Smith Lake guide, I have been fishing this lake my entire life and have a house right on the lake. If you’re interested in Bass fishing Smith Lake, I’m your go-to guide! With my experience, I have finished 2nd and 6th in the last two Bassmaster Southern Opens that I’ve fished on the lake, making me the most qualified Smith lake fishing guide you’ll find.

Smith Lake is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lakes in the country, featuring deep clear water and picturesque shorelines that are unmatched in North Alabama. As a Smith Lake bass fishing guide, I know that the lake is home to numerous spotted bass, some of the meanest fish in any water, as well as other species like Northalbamabass. You can expect to have the potential to catch a five or six-pound spot anytime you make a cast on Smith Lake.

When it comes to Smith lake fishing, the tactics are mostly finesse, making it an excellent place to hone your drop shot or shakyhead techniques. However, Smith Lake is also a great topwater and crankbait lake. The best times for Smith lake guides are spring, winter, and fall in the daytime, and at night in the summer. As a Smith Lake bass guide, I have spent hundreds of nights on Smith Lake catching spotted bass and do offer night trips.

So if you’re looking for a Smith lake guide to take you on a Bass fishing adventure, give me a call!

Here are some of my go to baits for Smith Lake’s spotted bass.

Winter: 1/2 oz Strike King Jig with KVD Chunk, 1/2 oz Hopkins Spoon, Strike King 5XD Crankbait in Green Gizzard Shad.

Spring: 1/4 oz Shaky head with 6.5inch KVD Finesse Worm in Green Pumpkin , 1/4 oz Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait, Strike King 5XD Crankbait.

Summer: KVD Sexy Dawg Topwater, shaky head, 3/4 oz Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig in Blk,Brwn, Amber, Green Gizzard Strike King 6XD crankbait, 1/2 oz or 3/4 oz Strike King Night Spinnerbait.

Fall: Shaky Head, 1/2 or 3/4 oz Strike King Burner Spinnerbait, Sexy Dawg, Spoon.

I like shad colors for crankbaits and spinnerbaits with a little chartreuse mixed in somewhere and watermelon red or green pumpkin for plastics. At night i use black for plastics and spinnerbaits.